This year's Dead Of Winter Festival has officially reached epic proportions, with more than 50 acts set to take over the Jubilee Hotel this July following the second-wave announcement topped by the likes of Dallas Frasca, stalwart ska-punk crew The Porkers and veteran local heroes Giants Of Science.

Also hopping aboard for the horror-lovin', alt-culture mecca will be genre-bending Kiwi fly-ins Night Gaunts, in an Australian exclusive appearance, interstate tourists Hadal Maw, Rival Fire and Arteries, Gold Coast mates Deraign and Friends With The Enemy, as well as a raft of local favourites including As Paradise Falls, Darkcell, Elko Fields, Sabrina Lawrie & The Hunting Party, Fire Away!, In Death, The Royal Artillery and stacks more.

They join an existing line-up of drawcards led by The Bennies and The Meanies (on their last tour for who knows how long) and featuring a raft of ear-pleasing outfits including Some Jerks, Smoking Martha, Whoretopsy, Flangipanis, Being Jane Lane, Flangipanis and Transvaal Diamond Syndicate, just to name a few.

Extra-impressively, Dead Of Winter has gone the extra mile on the representation front, ensuring that 40% of the total acts include at least one member who identifies as female or non-binary, which is pretty hat-tip-worthy stuff, especially for a heavy music-centric event.

Adding to the revelry will be newly announced sideshow acts Lillian Lace and Lilith Revere, joining the previously announced Heart & Dagger crew, while punters can also entertain themselves at the zombie makeover booth, take in a horror flick, gorge themselves at the food trucks or amble through the night markets, with the many attractions and oddities sure to keep attendees well and truly sated on all sensory fronts.

"We've spent months scouring the best possible line-up and are super proud of what will unfold July 29 in Brisbane," festival rep Christian Tryhorn enthused in a statement. "With some big-ticket items and a mix of genres represented by a host of nationally touring festival acts, we've also set up regional band heats this year giving hard-working lower-level bands a chance to win an opening slot on the bill.

"The Dead Of Winter really is a festival for everyone, and we work hard to make all feel included on the day amongst a horror setting for a bit of added fun. You won't find a bigger and better offering for the money."

Speaking of which, tickets for the 2017 Dead Of Winter Festival — returning 29 July across five stages and 12 hours at the Jubilee Hotel — are on sale now via Oztix.

See the event's website for more information.

Dead Of Winter Festival 2017 — Second Line-up

The Porkers
Dallas Frasca
Night Gaunts (NZ)
Giants Of Science
As Paradise Falls
Sabrina Lawrie & The Hunting Party
Rival Fire
Blind Man Death Stare
Hadal Maw
Tai Sui
In Death
Red Bee
The Royal Artillery
Elko Fields
Friends With The Enemy
The Gutter Birds
Hot Wings
Fire Away!
Freakshow Nightmare
Lillian Lace
Lilith Revere


The Bennies
The Meanines
Truth Corroded
Hollow World
Black Rheno
She Cries Wolf
Transvaal Diamond Syndicate
Hobo Magic
La Bastard
Smoking Martha
Some Jerks
The Black Swamp
Being Jane Lane
Tesla Coils
The Cutaways
Swamp Gully Howlers
The Molotov
The Heart & Dagger Sideshow