Aussie DJ Joe Mekhael was yesterday arrested by police for heckling during the Anzac Day dawn service at Sydney’s Martin Place.

As noted by The Daily Telegraph, the 32-year-old posted a video of himself yelling out while a trumpeter performed the ‘Last Post’.

Watch below.

Mekhael, one-time Guinness world record for the longest DJ set in history, shockingly described the incident as an "epically successful" protest.

"Anzac Day is a celebration of war and murder," he captioned the video.

"They feed you the same lies time and time again to keep you scared and supporting their new world order illuminati government, perpetual wars, and an ever-growing police state."

The Daily Telegraph have reported that Mekhael was arrested just before 5.30am yesterday and charged with behaving in an offensive manner in a public place and resisting an officer.

Mekhael later shared a photo of himself giving the thumbs up on Facebook after being granted conditional bail.

"I just got out of jail after disrupting the celebration of war that is #anzacday and being assaulted by some of Sydney's weakest pencil-necked police puppets," he wrote.

Mekhael is due to appear at Downing Centre Local Court on 18 May.