US musician Sonny Moore, aka Skrillex, faced the temporary wrath of the Los Angeles Police Department this week after being stopped in his Tesla Model X for playing his music too loud.

As local CBS radio reports, Skrillex  — who recently reunited with his old post-hardcore band From First To Last — was pulled over in Hollywood on Wednesday night over the volume of his music, before being handcuffed and briefly detained in the back of a cop car for not having identification on him.

The incident was captured by bystander Colby Lila Kline in a Snapchat video that has since gone viral (in which she helpfully offers to "look [Skrillex] up online" to prove his identity), with Skrillex himself retweeting the footage and elaborating on the circumstances behind the incident.

Explaining that he "didn't get arrested, just cuffed", Skrillex went on to admonish himself for "play[ing] my music 'too loud'" before tweeting at Tesla founder Elon Musk, nodding to the apparent power of the Model X's sound system.

It would seem Skrillex — who had been DJing at a friend's house prior to being stopped — was listening to new demos at the time, which, on the plus side, are apparently [fire emoji].