Following yesterday's surprise drop of a new song with former band From First To Last, Skrillex (Sonny Moore) has responded to accusations that From First To Last have ripped off punk band Culture Abuse's album artwork for the new single.

As NME reports, Culture Abuse shared a meme that noted the similarities between their album cover for 2016's Peach and From First To Last's Make War single art.

They both feature a pink background, a peach (reminiscent of the iPhone emoji) and barbed wire.

However, Moore has addressed the claims in a statement on Twitter, stating he and From First To Last were "unaware" of Culture Abuse's cover art.

"It was a complete coincidence, and we would never disrespect or appropriate another artist's work. Shout out to Culture Abuse, and as a positive to come from this, hopefully people will go check out their music and show them some love."