Over 40 local artists are set to come together for a special tribute concert for David Bowie on the eve of the late singer's 70th birthday. 

Taking place at Claremont Showgrounds on 7 January, names such as Cliff Kent, Danny Caddy, Dez Richardson, Jack Gaby, Nick Turner and Shaun Corlson have all been confirmed to perform. 

"Perth's music community has worked extremely hard to make this a special and memorable event," the event's musical director Greg Dear said.

"It has been fascinating and inspiring to see how much love for Bowie there is among them, from young performers through to those in their fifties who grew up with Bowie as their adolescent soundtrack.

"Each song in the three live music sets will be performed by a different vocalist. The variations in how they are bringing these songs to life are amazing. Most of the performances adhere closely to Bowie's versions but some are putting their own stamp on the song, with a few interesting surprises. Regardless of how close or how far they stray from the original version, every performer is injecting love and respect into that performance."

Dear added that the performance will include hits throughout Bowie's illustrious catalogue.

"This show delivers every turn in Bowie's journey from Space Oddity... though to Lazarus..." he said.

"No true fan of Bowie, or even slight admirer, has a justifiable reason for missing this event. It will be an education for some and a reverential experience for others."

Tickets are available now, with part proceeds going towards the Cancer Council.

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