If you were to be asked what this year's biggest selling CD is, you'd probably be able whittle it down to a few options. 

Adele has had a ridiculous year on the back of her third LP, 25, and Beyonce's Lemonade has been dubbed by many as her best album to date. 

Even Australia's own Flume could make a case with Skin, after it tore through last month's ARIA Awards and has also been nominated for a Grammy

But, nope, none of the above albums take the cake for 2016. 

As Billboard reports, the title actually belongs to classical music icon Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's boxset, Mozart 225: The New Complete Edition.

The work has shifted a massive 1.25 million CDs in total since its release in late October. however the reason the number is so high is because the boxset contains 200 records and, as such, each CD is counted as one sale.

FYI, that's over 240 hours of music to listen to. 

As Billboard points out, if the boxsets were counted as one, it would only equate to just over 6,250 sales.

While we believe in quality over quantity, in this case, quantity is a sure-fire way to clinch this record.