If you're a man who loves his Aussie rock music, then it's probably best you never pursue a career in surgery. 

A new study conducted by the Medical Journal of Australia, which "aimed to explore the effects of rock and classical music on surgical speed, accuracy and perceived distraction", found that tunes from our homegrown rock acts can impair a person's medical skills. 

And how did they test this? By using the classic board game, 'Operation', of course.

More than 350 subjects who had no prior medical training or experience were made to listen to the sounds of an operating theatre, Mozart or AC/DC's Thunderstruck while removing three organs from Cavity Sam (yes, the guy on the cover of 'Operation').

The results showed that rock music impairs men but not women while undertaking surgical procedures, as they spent more time on the operation and made more mistakes. 

In contrast, classical music had the opposite effect on both men and women, as it was "associated with lower perceived distraction during the game".

The study comes on the back of news that AC/DC are currently working on a new book which covers the band's full Rock Or Bust World Tour in 2015. 

The book, set for release next year, will feature live shots from their shows by music photographer Ralph Larmann, as well as fun facts, tour figures and memorabilia. 

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