Hailed as the one of the best parties of the year, Breakfest’s latest announcement sees an international artist cancel as a slew of local acts round out an already smashing bill.

London beatboxing artist and musician Reeps One withdraws from not only the festival but his Australian tour “due to personal reasons”.

The Belvoir Amphitheatre boxing day event has already locked down a geographically diverse spread of international talent, from UK favourites Krafty Kuts to Russia's Lady Waks and LA-based Cut Snake, and now some of WA’s best local DJs get their chance to prove their worthy of the global stage.

Here are the final acts confirmed for Breakfest 2016:

Avance, Baws, Beatslappaz, Bezwun, Black & Blunt, Bockman, Childish Antics, Djinn, Dngrfld, Ellict, Invoker, Kachina, Lifetime Grime, Mike De Wet, Miss Demeanour, Nathan James, Nishmann, Pussymittens, Rovy Rush, Shobu, Sistym, Yattaman

Tickets are on sale now via the Breakfest website and you can find all other info in theGuide.