The Haunted + Insomnium
National tour
When it comes to Melodic Death Metal for many, Sweden's The Haunted considered one of the benchmarks of the genre with a highly successful career spanning close to 20 years playing in front of millions all over the world.

After the touring cycle for Unseen, things looked a bit dire in 2012 where they lost 3 members, but Guitarist Jensen & Bassist Jonas Bjorler have carried on by re-welcoming some old friends in Vocalist Marco Aro & Drummer Adrian Erlandsson and bringing guitar maestro Ola Englund in to create a new chapter in The Haunted's story.

This regrouping lit a fire with creative juices flowing that emanated in 2014's Exit Wounds, a blistering aural attack from beginning to end.

The Haunted's live show demolishes all in it's path like a rabid bulldozer and shows all why The Haunted remain at the top of the heap delivering tracks such as Eye Of The Storm, D.O.A, Bury Your Dead, 99, Hatesong, Trespass, Cutting Teeth, Hollow Ground, All Against All, Trend Killer that show up all those new bands who the big dogs of Melodic Death Metal truly are.

Slowly but surely, Finland's Insomnium have made themselves a household name among the melodic death metal legions and have redefined and reset the boundaries of the genre and evolved constantly throughout their 18 year career and they are finally making their very first (and highly awaited) visit to Australian shores!

Their sound can be described as a marriage of Scandinavian death metal and traditional Finnish tunes, emanating in catchy but progressive, melodic yet brutal compositions such as Where The Last Wave Broke, As We Sleep, Mortal Share, Last Statement, Only One Who Waits, The River, Drawn To Black, Unsung, Revelation and The Day It All Came Down among many others.

Noted by many as having an undeniable live presence where they deliver 110% every night, their material flawlessly translates to the live setting where the band transcend the studio versions with vicious energy while retaining all of their melodic hooks and atmosphere.

With The Haunted triumphantly returning and Insomnium making their debut, this Melodic Death infused double bill is going to be one for the ages and those who witness it will be left with sore necks and jaws dropped in pure amazement….
14.05.15The Hi-Fi, BrisbaneQLD
15.05.15The Hi-Fi, MelbourneVIC
16.05.15Manning Bar, SydneyNSW