Leaked Price List Unveils Acts Charging $1M+ Per Gig
How much do the bands you love cost?
A lengthy price list for artist booking prices has surfaced online with a handful of acts raking in over one million per gig.

Of the 154 acts reportedly taking home over US$100,000 per event, the list leaked by booking agency Degy Entertainment shows last year’s top touring earners like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi and Justin Timberlake all take in 1 million +.

Other interesting mentions are Pharrell Williams who comes up surprisingly cheap ($125-$175k) when compared to his Blurred Lines collaborator Robin Thicke ($150-$250k), Lorde, who takes home $150-$250k per show and Creed, who haven’t released an LP since 2009’s Full Circle yet charge $100k+ per gig.

TMN previously published a price list from, which rough-edged and conjectured. The same can be said of this list, possibly due to the fact the prices are from a Colorado-based third-party booking agency who specialise in college and military bookings.

You can browse the full list of artists who earn over US$100,000 below or head to Priceonomics for the list of pricing levels under US$100,000.