Friends of Tasmania - Bushfire Relief

Over the past few days Tasmania has been devastated by fires raging across the state which continue to be managed by local authorities. Our farm at Marion Bay remains undamaged, however our neighbouring towns have not been so lucky.

We were evacuated from our farm last Thursday but the site has now been declared a safe zone, becoming a temporary refuge for displaced locals, staff members and friends who have not been so fortunate; returning to lost houses, schools, businesses, livestock and precious personal belongings.

We're calling on all of our friends; those who love Falls and those who love Tasmania (as much as we do) to help out by donating to the Red Cross via this link. We've kicked things off with a $10,000 donation and we hope that you can assist us by helping to relieve some of the pressures faced by those affected.

We'll continue to work with the local councils to support our beautiful communities in all of our various capacities and we'll be holding further fundraising efforts in the weeks to come, so please keep an eye on our website.

Thoughts and love to our friends and family in Tasmania.

Falls x