Elefant Traks & New World Artists present
Speak Of The Devil Tour

Hermitude are set to turn heads with their most playfully infectious song to date, the party starting "Speak of the Devil".

If Teenwolf and Patience from The Grates had a baby who grew up to be the world's greatest air-keytarist, the song they'd perform to would be 'Speak of the Devil'. No question.

With its contorting synth lines, hopelessly fun chorus and slamming drums, it perfectly captures the energy and joy of a Hermitude live show. It's an ode to shaking off self-awareness; being dragged on the dancefloor and finding it's exactly what you need.

'Speak of the Devil' features the vocals of Sydney artist Chaos Emerald.

Hermitude have developed a dedicated following for their pumping live shows employing synths, decks and samplers creating a monstrously positive vibe each gig. Catch them launching Speak of the Devil in Nov/Dec.

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18.Nov.11East Brunswick Club, MELBOURNEVIC
02.Dec.11Hotel Gearin, KATOOMBANSW
09.Dec.11The Standard, SYDNEYNSW
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