VENTS is a unique voice among his peers. His music is an eclectic snapshot of his musings, ranging from a stinging critique of politics, religion, and the current economic and social climate, to a heartfelt exploration of his personal struggles with unemployment, alienation, drug use and the battle for meaning.

These topics are broached with aggression, intelligence and humor intending to leave the listener with more questions than answers. Most importantly he not only asks the listener to think, he asks them to think critically. His hard hitting lyrical content combined with some of Australiaʼs finest production has earned him a place as one of Australiaʼs most respected MCʼs.

 An imposing live performer VENTS has toured nationally with FUNKOARS, and most recently HILLTOP HOODS.

 In 2007 VENTS enjoyed a level of mainstream success with his debut album ʻHARD TO KILLʼ. The track ʻLOVE SONGʼ was picked up by national broadcaster JJJ and in the following years he toured extensively, playing festivals such as Big Day Out, Homebake, Summadayze, One Movement and Groove is in the Park.

Since wrapping up touring in support of ʻHARD TO KILLʼ VENTS has been working on his sophomore album ʻMARKED FOR DEATHʼ, once again enlisting TRIALS of the FUNKOARS to handle production duties.

TRIALS has recently experienced a huge amount of success behind the boards - producing DRAPHTʼs platinum single ʻRAPUNZELʼ and working with ASH GRUNWALD, HILLTOP HOODS, ABBE MAY as well as countless others.

Gifted newcomer, DJ ADFU comes on board to complete the team. Label mates SESTA & HILLTOP HOODS add guest vocals to the album supplying another dimension to the project.

Since releasing ʻHARD TO KILLʼ in 2007, a loyal following has eagerly anticipated his next release. An extended hiatus hasnʼt tarnished VENTSʼ standing with Hip Hop fans; in fact itʼs fed the anticipation. Four years on, ʻMARKED FOR DEATHʼ serves at the big brother to his debut release, with a more mature, introspective, sometimes cynical but always honest view of the world, that is both unique and entirely relatable.

 The wait is finally over with the arrival of VENTS new album ʻMARKED FOR DEATHʼ.


12.Jun.11Gabrielles at HQ, ADELAIDESA
16.Jul.11Beach Road Hotel, BONDINSW
22.Jul.11The Step Inn, BRISBANEQLD

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