Let's just say that if it weren't for the outlandish ‘80s hair-metal rockers of Poison — and more specifically, guitarist C.C. Deville and his dangerously flamboyant licks, leads and neon-lime painted axes—legendary Orange County ska-rockers Reel Big Fish probably wouldn’t have ever existed.

After being in the limelight for well over a decade and armed with mischievous grins, punk rock confidence and the ability to continually take the piss out of themselves, Reel Big Fish continue to take to the world stages harnessing new fans wherever they roam.

“In the tradition of Madness, here is a band that will never die from taking themselves too seriously.” – Rolling Stone

Here come The Aquabats! The first all-crime fighting all-surfing rock supergroup in history! On their quest to right wrongs, destroy boredom and seek justice for all! The Aquabats! cut through the dark façade of rock ‘n' roll, encouraging people to lighten up, and not take themselves so seriously. The Aquabats! have always seemed to shock the ‘shockers. ‘Now... stand back, for your own safety!

Rounding out this frivolity filled triple bill is none other than The Creepshow. Formed in the dirty back alleys and dive bars of Toronto, Ontario in 2005, The Creepshow has redefined the saying “No Rest For The Wicked”. Their passion for touring is borderline obsessive-compulsive and watching one of their eye scorching live shows is a full frontal assault to all your senses.
On the back of their Soundwave 2010 performances, Reel Big Fish, The Aquabats! and The Creepshow will be performing 2 club shows only!

24.02.10Manning BarNSW
25.02.10The Espy HotelVIC
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