“Combining elements from Rammstein, Cradle of Filth, Marilyn Manson and Clawfinger” – All Metal Source.com

"It's like group sex between Samantha Fox, the Village People and Satan" – Whiplasher (vocalist)

It is a ravishing rock group of many faces, with members who are as weird as they are charismatic; Sweden’s DEATHSTARS and their unconventional live shows are coming to Australia.Winners of the Best Newcomers at the Golden Gods Awards in 2007 as presented by the UK Metal Hammer Magazine, this band and its five members are the founders of death glam-metal, a title not just any band can carry.

This deathly beautiful band have had their sound described as atmospheric and melodic containing elements of Rammstein, a sense of composition worthy of some of the best of Cradle of Filth, with a clear and present vibe of sex, guts and horror. Live reviewers have done nothing but rave about DEATHSTARS who are renowned for pouting, flirting, sweating and stripping their way through a disgustingly excellent sleaze filled set. Front man Whiplasher is well known for his on stage debauchery and direct contact with audience members, often apologizing to the boyfriends in the crowd for arousing their screaming girlfriends so much.

Sweden’s death-glammers, DEATHSTARS, and their infamous, wild, provocative and dark live sets will be in Australia for the first time in September.

24.09.09Manning BarNSW
25.09.09Club 299QLD
26.09.09Corner HotelVIC
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