Propagandhi Lead Singer Chris Hannah enlightens fans with a small summary of the bands humble beginnings...

It was a dark and stormy night on a sunny morning in beautiful downtown Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, way back in the early 80’s. Me (Chris) and Jord (Jord) were playing tier-4 bantam hockey together. We lost every god dam game we played, but built a lot of character in the process. So much character, in fact, that a few years later we ended up not having too many friends and were forced to hang out with each other. Jord did something hilarious every day to get kicked out of Mr. Wall’s Science 100 class (apologies to Cindy Landriault) so I was able to overlook the fact that he wore a Coney Hatch shirt. I asked him if he wanted to start a band. He said OK.

Propagandhi are finally dragging their politically charged punk rock selves back to Australia. If you've ever set ears on this band you know you will be there! It has only been 11 years since they last turned themselves loose upon us. So were they lazy? Did they not care? Maybe they crave forgiveness - this tour takes in more cities than most. Enjoy while you can...

13.02.09The ArenaQLD
14.02.09The Coolangatta HotelQLD
15.02.09The Metro TheatreNSW
18.02.09Newcastle Uni - Bar On The HillNSW
19.02.09Wollongong University UniBarNSW
20.02.09Weston Creek Community CentreACT
21.02.09Corner HotelVIC
21.02.09Corner HotelVIC
24.02.09Fowlers LiveSA
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