10th - 14th December

(on sale 5th of September - 9am.)

The Bronx will continue the band's tradition of creating blistering, white hot rock that kicks you in the loins to make you move, and slaps you in the head to make you think when they tour Australia in December.

In a tirelessly repetitive age of rock where nearly every bands value system holds songwriting, tight-legged pants and blog devotion at the same level - The Bronx reminds us of how an aggressive yet catchy rock song done right is still capable of making the hair stand up on the back of our necks. As easy and simple as it seems, it's nearly impossible to find a band in 2008 that makes truly exciting rock that is rooted in passion and intelligence, which is why The Bronx need to be held in the high regard they deserve.

Do your rock soul some good and experience The Bronx on every level you possibly can as this is the one band that brings both the diamond and the rough... in all it's glory.

Tour Dates:

10th December - Amplifier Bar
11th December - Manning Bar
12th December - Corner Hotel
14th December - The Step Inn