• And the nominees are…

Triple J's inaugural J Awards are back in business and the first few nominations for Australian Album of the year have been released.  Amongst the latest chosen ones are Melbourne trio Cut /// Copy and Sydney locals COG. These two epic Australian bands join ranks with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and The Presets for the nominees so far. Keep an eye on the Triple J website or an ear on the radio for more contenders as they’re announced. Stay update on this honorable and what is quickly becoming traditional event by tuning into Triple J.

  • Put your hands up for Detroit!

As if Detroit wasn’t already cool enough by birthing bands such as The Stooges and MC5 and rightfully retaining the Rock City status. Well now it can add love poem to its list of accomplishments.  
Jack White has put pen to paper to pay tribute to his home town of Detroit with his latest lyrically working - “Courageous Dream’s Concern”. After making comments about his old kicking ground and alluding to the fact that he found the city’s music scene as being stifling and “super negative” the White Stripes front man has defended the Motor City’s honour by writing a poem that he says is “the Detroit from my mind. The Detroit that is in my heart”. The love letter of sorts was exclusively published in the Detroit Free Press in a hope that his comments would not be misconstrued to reflect his true feelings towards the city and also to reassure Detroit citizens that even though he has relocated to Nashville, Tennessee he stills agrees with Dorothy that there’s no place like home.
To read the poem in full from its original place of publication click here.

  • Happy Birthday to yoo hoo…

Sub Pop records have left their teen years in the past! This is their 20th year of supporting unfounded talent and bands that play outside the restrictions of popular preference. The label was founded in by Bruce Pavitt in Olympia, Washington; it was the love child of a fanzine he had started that was originally titled ‘Subterranean Pop’. In 1987 Sub Pop released its first compilation album and then in 1988 the decision was made to release Soundgardens debut EP and as a result launch Sub Pop as an established record label.   Historically the label is most notable for its connection with the Seattle grunge explosion and bands such as Nirvana, Mudhoney and The Vaselines.  In more recent times however the label has experienced success with acts such as The Postal Service, Band of Horses, Comets on Fire, The Shins, CSS and Iron and Wine.  After 20 years of delivering nothing less than goods to a more than appreciative fan base Sub Pop deserves a bit of a party and it is indeed a party they will get. To celebrate their 20th year in business Sup Pop are showcasing all they have to offer with a weekend festival – “SP20”.  It’s going on this weekend in the states, if you pack now you can still make it.

  • “SHARON! Where’s the remote, we’re on TV again…

Sharon, Jack, Kelly and Ozzy Osbourne are back in Technicolour. Word on the street is that the Osbourne family are returning to television with a yet to be named program that is reminiscent of the ‘The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour’ and the Osmond’s “Donny and Marie”.  The untitled show has been picked up by Fox and will apparently feature the entire family. The speculated new show will be produced by James Sunderland who is also the producer of America’s Got Talent which happened to feature Sharon Osbourne as a judge. Personally I can’t wait because let’s face it; television really hasn’t been the same without them.

  • Quote of the week

“I got rabies shots for biting the head off a bat but that's OK - the bat had to get Ozzy shots” - Ozzy Osbourne