• Aussie rock n rollers Airbourne collide with accolade mid flight!
    • British music magazine Metal Hammer has just announced that Australian band Airbourne will have the proud honor of leaving the UK with not only an abundance of new fans but also the publications award for ‘best debut album’. Having been out of town for more than 6 months now the band is still continuing to control the senses of fans in Europe and North America. Australian fans are no doubt anxious to see these guys play live again very soon. There is however some tough luck pie to be had as the rock n rolling mullet enthusiast band will not be returning to ostraaaalia until early next year. Till then you could always just blast their debut album Runnin’ Wild till your ears physically cannot take it anymore or they come home… whichever comes first, totally your call.

  • Would you like a lawsuit with your fries?
    • Renowned music royalty Devo have always been quite apparent in their descent from the quirky blood lineage of this industry. However just because they’re kooky doesn’t mean they tolerate people or companies jumping on the band wagon and exploiting their unique style.
      This riff stems from McDonalds Happy Meal toys released in April of last year; the toys were in aid of the then current Australian Idol competition. The toy was one of a group of musical subcultures. The direct threat to the Devo image was a toy titled ‘New Wave Nigel’  a 3D plastic caricature wearing a red dome shaped hat, a hat that is perhaps more commonly recognised in popular culture as  one of the ‘energy domes’ worn by Devo in their 1980 film clip for their hit single ‘whip it’. Whilst McDonalds were most likely aware of the similarities and perhaps happy with the clear association they obviously were not so aware of the fact that Devo had trademark and copyright privileges with this very object. Whoops. Maybe they can make it up to the band by releasing a Devo burger or something… probably not.

  • And the academy goes to…
    • Having just recently released their latest studio album ‘Saints of Los Angeles’ in the US last month Motley Crue are certainly proving that sleeping metal gods will certainly not be left to lie. Not only are they touring their new collection of songs in America but they are also citing a possible film release based on the autobiographical book about the band written by Neil Strauss (with the aid of Tommy Lee, Mick Mars, Vince Neil and Nikki Sixx) titled ‘The Dirt: Confessions of the World's Most Notorious Rock Band’.  Notorious indeed… rumor has it that Christopher Walken will play infamous rocker Ozzy Osborne. Wonder who they’ll get to play to Pammy?

  • They’ve got the right stuff baby…
    • If you didn’t already know then you do now. New Kids of the Block have re formed and are currently touring throughout America. Back together for the first time in over a decade these now 5 grown men are currently in the process of working on their new album. Not only are they releasing new material but they are touring it with their old, yes this does include songwriting gold such as “Hangin’ Tough” and “Step by Step”. Let us all keep Every finger and toe crossed, kiss your elbows and hold your breath that they bring their stage show to Australia (or maybe don’t).

  • Quote of the week
    • “You just pick up a chord, go twang, and you're got music.” -  Sid Vicious (Sex Pistols)