Trial Kennedy
On tour in May

It’s unusual when you get an album in the post where every song leaps out and drags you in, where the song-writing is so fresh, so honest, and so original for a change, but also where, for all its immediacy and accessibility, never sounds like some dumbed-down predictable play for high rotation.

If there is signature to Trial Kennedy’s sound, it’s their uncanny talent to be able to suddenly shift in transition from dark to light, despair to joy, anger to jubilance, all in an instant without ever seeming jarring. It’s clear they flex a musical muscle rare amongst their peers.

Surprising then, to learn all four members met in high school, grew up jamming together and, in a case of almost prescient coincidence, shared the same guitar teacher. A guy called Mark Kennedy taught us, before some of us even knew each other, relays Gray.  Hence the band name, we all ‘trialled’ off him. And I don’t think we ever really took it seriously, until we decided to change our name to ‘Trial Kennedy’. After that, things started to happen.