Strung Out & No Use For A Name
On tour in July

No Use For A Name have no idea what to expect, but Strung Out are no strangers to our far flung corners, having played over 50 shows here with Frenzal Rhomb back in 2001. Last time they took a bunker mentality, cramming 10 people into a 4 sleeper campervan and spending much of the bumpy ride peering fearfully out of the windows in search of Ivan Milat.

Stronger for the experience, Strung Out will lead No Use For A Name into the great unknown for another round of regional (and metropolitan) touring madness. If you live in one of these towns, and rudimentary statistics say that you probably do, you'll hopefully show up to share some local knowledge and play a role in some of the crazy touring stories that Strung Out and No Use For A Name will no doubt return home with....