Brisbane Powerhouse
20th of April

Together for the first time in Australia on 8 decks, 4 mixers and many gadgets is Dj Shadow and Cut Chemist for a special Sunday afternoon edition.

Masters of hip-hop and Turntablism in their own right, Dj Shadow and Cut Chemist have joined forces for the first time since 2001 and are bringing their genre-defying project, The Hard Sell, down under in April.

Following in the footsteps of their legendary Brainfreeze and Product Placement sets, Shadow and Cut Chemist are set to amaze Australian audiences with a daring and complex performance that sees them live on stage with 8 turntables (yes 8!), 4 mixers and an array of audio and video equipment, tricks and gadgets.Needless to say their show is beyond normal musical and technical expectations with trickery that very few DJs would even attempt.

This is the first time DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist have performed together in Australia and it is truly something special and unique.

Flaunting rules with a flawless blend of music from all eras that won’t leave you saying “been there, heard that”, these two cutting-edge Californians are the best tag-team since Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker - this is real Turntablism at its mind-blowing, skill-bending best.

Local support from: Sampology & Tom Thumb, Cutloose