Bullet For My Valentine:
The Arena - 4th of September
Billboard "The Venue" - 7th of September

The Arena - 29th of June
Billboard "The Venue" - 1st of July

Bombay Rock - 24th of August

The Arena - 20th of July

Resin Dogs:
Coolangatta Hotel - 9th of June
The Sands Tavern - 15th of June
The Great Northern - 22nd of June

Spring Lake Hotel - 21st of July

This Collision:
The Living Room - 8th of June

The 7.7.7 Experience:
Rover Park, Tenterfield - 6th of July

Sunwrae Ensemble:
St Mary's Church - 7th of July
St Peter's Church - 14th of July
Wesley Music Centre - 15th of July