Now they are back to do it all over again a year later. “Clutch are one of the most underrated bands of all time…these guys never needed any frills, and with hot-rodded Marshall stacks ablazin’, they launch into a thunderous southern-fried cabaret that effortlessly pummels along for two hours. The most talented award goes to drummer Jean-Paul Gaster, he’s the kind of funkified madman that probably sleeps with a metronome under his pillow. He’s the unofficial captain of the goodship Clutch.” Blunt Magazine “Clutch muscled their way through an action crammed set. Jean Paul Gaster drove that back seat as though he was in the front seat … front man Neil Fallon has those easily recognizable swampy, gravelly vocals that compliment the infusion of sluggish to moderate tempo raw sound of guitars. It’s hard not to raise your hand in the air in approval.” Drum Media

Tickets on sale 19th of March:

31st May - The Zoo - Brisbane
1st June - The Metro Theatre - Sydney
2nd June - Hi Fi Bar & Ballroom - Melbourne